Discover NOVEEN
NOVEEN is the discovery of modernity and functionality in its space. These are home and home electronics products designed for you - a person who values high quality, comfort and well-being of their own and their relatives.

Inspired by this, we have created unique product lines - Sport Mix & Fit and X-LINE - which are a great offer for an active and demanding user.
Kitchen and cooking
Comfort and recreation
Home and surroundings

You know what an electric lunch box is?

We create unique products, we guarantee quality

class line
The undoubted advantages of its products are functionality, innovation and high-quality materials. The synonyms of X-line are beauty and reliability that are addictive.
With an activity and a healthy lifestyle in mind, we have created a line
30 months free warranty
Many years of experience in the industry allows us to create high quality products, so we offer you a free extended warranty up to 30 months on all NOVEEN appliances.

What makes us stand out?

We inspire
Does the product motivate you to act? Yes! Blend your smoothie and get the tops.
We improve
Thanks to the practical functions, home chores become a pleasure.
We care about comfort
And you have more time for a well-deserved and peaceful rest.
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