NOVEEN brand in Poland owner

COMTEL GROUP sp. z o.o. sp.k.
Plac Kupiecki 2
32-800 Brzesko

NIP: PL8691585325
REGON: 850515140
KRS: 0000564465

ACCOUNT NUMBER: RCBWPLPW 44 1750 1338 0000 0000 1229 9052


Headquarters NOVEEN

Wola Dębińska 572
32-852 Dębno
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NOVEEN service center

tel. 14 68 49 418


NOVEEN product hotline

tel. 14 68 63 790 wew. 9 lub +48 795 910 285


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Sales managers – Poland


Robert Marciniak

mobile +48 794 563 589

Mariusz Niemiec

mobile +48 663 707 807

Michał Stankiewicz

mobile +48 601 368 521

Sales managers – Export


Szymon Pabijan

mobile +48 502 741 008

Szymon Zagórski

mobile +48 730 040 177
Countries: Portugal, Spain, England, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Slovenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Russia, Kazakhstan

Rafał Grabowski

mobile +48 608 516 018
Countries: Germany, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Malta, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, Iceland, Tunisia, Qatar, Near East


Dominik Handzelewicz

mobile +48 507 322 080

COMTEL GROUP company has been on the market since 1997

In 2011, we successfully launched our own NOVEEN brand, offering household and RTV products designed for people who value high quality, comfort and well-being of their own and their relatives. We have created special product lines – Sport Mix & Fit and X-LINE, which are a great offer for an active and demanding user.

Thanks to many years of experience, we have become a powerful brand with nationwide reach. Our products are available in the largest stores and sales networks in Poland. Aware of the quality of the NOVEEN brand products, we offer a free extended warranty of up to 30 months. We also provide a non-warranty service for all our products.

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