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NOVEEN is discovering modernity and functionality in its space. These are household appliances and electronic devices designed for You – a person who values high quality and reliability, who wants more from life.


We also set ourselves a similar goal – to create „more” than a device. We want our products to inspire and motivate to action, to realistically improve everyday duties and ensure comfort and well-being for you and your loved ones. That’s why we value what new is – in design, we focus on innovation and the greatest value for us is your satisfaction when using N’OVEEN products every day at home, at work, while activity. Your needs inspired us to create practical and outstanding products. With your activity and requirements, we have created additional product lines:

Sport Mix & Fit has been prepared with your passion for activity and a healthy lifestyle. It will allow you to enjoy using N’OVEEN products in all conditions.
X-LINE is a premium product line in which we offer the highest quality products. X-LINE is the equivalent of beauty and reliability.


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We believe that N’OVEEN products will inspire you to act and help you to make your dream come true of a pleasant and comfortable life.

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