Feel the freedom.
Choose an insect killer lamp that suits your needs and conditions, not the other way around.
NOVEEN insect killer lamps are an effective way to control insects without using chemicals.
Which insect killer lamp should you choose?
When choosing an insect killer lamp, pay attention to 6 important features and parameters.
1. Operation environment
NOVEEN lamps are the perfect solution for insect control: at home, in the garden, at the campsite, in commercial, production and storage facilities. Choose a model that suits your environment.
2. Working area
Specify the working area of the device - this is the area from which the insect killer lamp attracts flying insects. The working area depends on the strength of the light produced (power of the lamp).
3. Power supply type
Choose an insect killer lamp adapted to the conditions and situation, not the other way around. Power supply: mains 230V, USB, rechargeable and standard AA and AAA batteries supply.
4. Water resistance class
Before making a purchase, make sure that the insect killer lamp meets the water resistance class*. This is a very important parameter when choosing a device to work in the garden or on a camping.
5. Type of light source
You can choose an insect killer lamp that attracts insects by producing light through UVA lamps or modern and energy-saving LED bulbs.
6. Additional functions
Check out the additional possibilities. Some NOVEEN lamps models, apart from their primary purpose (insect killer lamp), have additional functions: bulb, tent or terrace lamp, flashlight, bluetooth speaker.

* Water resistance classes:
IPX4 - total protection against splashing from different directions with an intensity of up to 10 litres per minute.
IP42 and IP44 - protection against water drops from all directions.
Modern and aesthetic insect killer lamps. Perfect for your home or office.
Terrace and garden
Meet waterproof class. Suitable for outdoor use, even in the rain.
Equipped with rechargeable battery or batteries. Small, light and portable.
Trade, gastronomy and industry
Perfect for controlling insects in shops, gastronomy and public, production and storage facilities.
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