Air humidifier
  • Plasma function, improved ionization
  • Warm mist function
  • Automatic humidity control
  • Aromatherapy with fragrance oils (free oil included)
  • Filter that reduces bacteria, sediment and odors
  • Touch panel and LED screen
  • Remote control for humidifier remote control (CR2025 battery)
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Give yourself and your loved ones the comfort of healthy breathing

Give yourself and your loved ones the comfort of healthy breathing

Ultrasonic air humidifier UH2100 X-LINE is a proposal for those who appreciate functionality, efficiency and modern design. Original design of the X-LINE line makes this model fit perfectly into any space – home and office.

Key features of the UH2100 X-LINE


Monitors, RTV equipment favour the presence of positive ions in the air, which worsen the condition of the human being. Thanks to the ionization function, negative ions eliminate positive ions, so that microorganisms fall to the ground, instead of going to the bronchi and lungs.


With this feature you can further improve your comfort. Heating PTC quickly warms up the mist, which increases the air temperature. Thanks to the double diffuser it can be distributed throughout the room.


A sensor located outside the casing provides reliable measurements of air humidity. The device is equipped with AUTO mode, in which the humidity level is controlled automatically. It is an effective protection against excessive moisture in the room.


Displays information about the operating modes, current temperature and room humidity. Enables the management of humidifier functions and smooth regulation of the mist outlet.


The ion-exchange resin filter softens hard water by removing calcium and magnesium ions, and also eliminates bacteria. The device produces a lime-free mist, which is clean and does not leave any white residue.


The felt tray allows you to dose fragrance oils that will dominate the room with beautiful fragrances. Aromatherapy supports the treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases, also helps in states of increased nervous tension.


Allows you to program the humidifier operating time. Thus, the device will automatically switch off when the time set by the user has passed.


Allows you to remotely switch the humidifier on and off and control the most important functions of the device: mist control, ionization, hot mist, working time settings.


Allows you to set the humidity required for the current room air condition. Using the touch panel, you can change the humidity of the mist smoothly.

Additional features and equipment

  • Water tank illumination
  • Double diffuser for misting

  • Child protection
  • Fragrance oil as a gift

  • Automatic switch-off function in the event of lack of water

Antibacterial filter included
Ultrasonic air humidifier UH2100 X-LINE is equipped with a replaceable antibacterial filter NOVEEN UHF-21, which is included in the set.

The ion-exchange resin filter softens hard water by removing calcium and magnesium ions. The device produces a lime-free mist, which is clean and leaves no white residue. No limescale is deposited inside the device either. Additionally, the filter eliminates bacteria, which makes the mist produced by the humidifier even more healthy for you and your child.

Depending on the frequency of use of the humidifier, it is recommended to replace the filter every 4-6 months. The NOVEEN UHF-21 filter can also be purchased separately.

Quality assurance
Many years of experience in the industry allows us to create high quality products, so we offer you a free extended warranty up to 30 months on all NOVEEN appliances.

Premium class line
The X-LINE line is the fulfillment of your most ambitious dreams. The undoubted advantages of its products are functionality, innovation and high-quality materials from which they were made.A number of practical and modern functions significantly improve the comfort of living, and the elegant style perfectly complements the most sophisticated interiors X-LINE products.

How does an ultrasonic humidifier work?
The ultrasonic humidifier uses ultrasound to break down water molecules with a diameter of about 1-5um and generate mist. The ventilation system discharges the broken water molecules into the dry air, where the required humidity is obtained during evaporation. Clearly visible, smooth and even mist escapes from the device. Thanks to this, it restores and maintains an appropriate level of humidity in the room, it is suggested to be at a level between 40-60%.

The construction of ultrasonic humidifiers is more complicated than steam or evaporative humidifiers, so it allows for more precise humidity control in the room.

Technical specifications
Humidifier type ultrasonic
Ionization 3*10-6ions/cm3
Maximum efficiency 300ml/h
Operating area 35 m2
Tank capacity 5,5 L
Maximum working time (one filling): 12h
Power consumption 30/110 W
Power supply 220 – 240 V 50 Hz
Dimensions 33,5 x 28 x 19,60 cm
Weight 2,7 / 3,7 kg N.W/G.W
EAN code 5902221620386

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