Air purifier
  • Air ionization function
  • SLEEP function – silent mode (e.g. at night)
  • Automatic adjustment to the degree of contamination
  • Time programming function
  • Touch panel and digital display
  • Airflow: up to 240 m3/h
  • Area of activity: up to 50 m2
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Give yourself and your loved ones the comfort of healthy breathing

Give yourself and your loved ones the comfort of healthy breathing

Create a safe place in your home where you can breathe a sigh of relief. Get rid of unpleasant smells, cigarette smoke, dust, reduce the presence of dangerous smog compounds (suspended particulates: PM 10, PM 2.5) – so harmful and especially problematic in autumn and winter.

Air purifier AP3500 X-LINE is a proposal for those who appreciate functionality and high efficiency, which is provided by a 3-stage filtration system. Modern look and original design of the X-LINE line makes this model fit perfectly into any space – home and office.

Key features of the AP3500 X-LINE


Monitors, RTV equipment favour the presence of positive ions in the air, which worsen the condition of human being. Thanks to the ionization function, negative ions eliminate positive ions, so that microorganisms fall to the ground, instead of going to the bronchi and lungs.


The purifier adapts the operation to the current state of air pollution in the room. The air quality is indicated on the display by the corresponding colour symbol.


The unit is equipped with a silent mode, which works perfectly at night and ensures comfortable use of the cleaner while sleeping.


The digital display and touch panel are helpful additions that make operation quick, simple and intuitive, and the design of the device fits into any home or office space.


You can plan the work of the purifier and adjust it to the schedule of the day. The TIMER function allows you to accurately program the time (12 hours) during which the unit will effectively take care of the air quality.


Thanks to the adjustable air speed, you can easily adjust the performance of the purifier to suit your needs.

3-stage filtration system

How the AP3500 X-LINE air purifier works
Thanks to the 3-stage filter system, the cleaner provides excellent protection against airborne contaminants.

NANO-SILVER FILTER – removes, eliminates bacteria, retains pollen particles, which extends the life of the HEPA filter.

HEPA FILTER – a high-performance air filter used to disinfect the air, retains most (at least 99.97%) of mechanical impurities larger than 0.3 µm, as well as: fungal, protozoan and bacterial cells and most viruses.

ACTIVE CARBON FILTER – eliminates unpleasant odours and volatile organic compounds.

Additional functions and equipment

  • Filter replacement indicator
  • 3-stage filtration system

  • Possibility to buy additional filters
  • Automatic shutdown when the filter cover is open

  • Fast, simple and intuitive operation
  • Modern design

Why is the air in the house dangerous to health?
Every day a person takes about 22,000 breaths. Between 10,000 and 20,000 litres of air flow through our lungs every day. And with them, huge amounts of pathogens dangerous to health. The danger increases significantly in autumn and winter, when smog becomes a threat to human health. This is one of the main factors causing negative consequences for human life, such as allergies, respiratory infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, fainting, headaches and cancer.
Thanks to the air purifier:
  • you will reduce the presence of harmful particles in the air,,
  • reduce the presence of dangerous smog compounds,
  • you’ll get rid of the cigarette smoke,
  • you’ll remove the bad smells,
  • you’ll reduce the presence of positive ions,
  • you’ll alleviate the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections,
  • you will improve the concentration and quality of sleep,
  • you’ll relieve the symptoms of asthma and allergies,
  • you’ll increase your comfort of life.

Quality assurance
Many years of experience in the industry allows us to create high quality products, so we offer you a free extended warranty up to 30 months on all NOVEEN appliances.

Premium class line
The X-LINE line is the fulfillment of your most ambitious dreams. The undoubted advantages of its products are functionality, innovation and high-quality materials from which they were made.A number of practical and modern functions significantly improve the comfort of living, and the elegant style perfectly complements the most sophisticated interiors X-LINE products.

Technical specifications
Air flow do 240 m3/h
Area of operation do 50m2
Power 40 W
Voltage 220 – 240 V 50 Hz
Dimensions 37,1 x 18,3 x 47 cm
Weight 5,90 / 6,74 kg N.W/G.
EAN code 5902221620423

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