Antibacterial filter UHF18 White
UH1800 X-LINE, UH2100 X-LINE
  • A filter made of ion-exchange resin
  • Softens hard water by removing calcium and magnesium ions from it
  • Provides a clean and white mist that does not leave a white sediment
Color variants:

Quality assurance
Many years of experience in the industry allows us to create high quality products, so we offer you a free extended warranty up to 30 months on all NOVEEN appliances.

UHF18 antibacterial filter for NOVEEN air humidifiers: UH1800 X-LINE, UH2100 X-LINE.

The ion-exchange resin filter softens hard water by removing calcium and magnesium ions. This creates a lime-free mist that is clean and leaves no white residue. No limescale is deposited inside the device either. Additionally, the filter eliminates bacteria, which makes the mist produced by the humidifier even more healthy for you and your child.

Depending on the frequency of use of the humidifier, it is recommended to replace the filter every 4-6 months.

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