Electric Lunch Box
LB640 Dark Grey
  • Electric food heater – INOX interior
  • Removable containers, dishwasher safe
  • 230V mains power supply (cable included)
  • 12V mains power supply (cable included)
  • 24V mains power supply (cable included)
  • Heating meals in a short period of time: 60° C in 30 minutes!
  • Total capacity 1 liter
  • Thermal bag for maintaining temperature

Color variants:

Electric food heater Lunch Box LB640 Dark Grey is a combination of functionality and mobility. This solid and aesthetic device is equipped with a PTC heating element, which allows you to heat food up to 60° C in 30 minutes. The heater is closed tightly with snap fasteners that block the air access. This keeps your meal fresh for longer period of time. Lunch Box LB640 Dark Grey is a solution for people who value activity and healthy diet. It is perfect for work, studies, travel, land and camping holidays. The LB640 Dark Gray model is equipped with an LED display with a control panel with which we can set the temperature and delay start (8 hours). The LB640 Dark Grey model has three power sources: mains 230 Volt, car 12 Volt and trucks 24 Volt.

Key features of the LB640 Dark Grey

Control panel
and LED display

The device has a built-in LED display with a control panel with which we can set the temperature and delay (8 hours) of the device.


Thanks to the power supply from 230V socket you can heat a meal and maintain its temperature. The operation of the device is indicated by a control LED.

SUPPLY 12V / 24V

The device is equipped with an additional 12V / 24V socket, which allows you to use the heater in your car. It is perfect for traveling, camping or driving.


Lunch Box contains of a removable 3-chamber INOX container, easy to clean in a dishwasher.


The solid and aesthetic interior of the main container made of stainless steel (INOX) provides better durability.


The set includes a thermal bag, which additionally protects and maintains the temperature of the meal. The bag has additional space for a drink or fruits.

Additional functions and equipment

  • Folding handle for easy carrying
  • Power cable 230 Volt, 12 Volt and 24 Volt included
  • Device operation indicator light

  • BPA free plastic container
  • Cover with clips for easy closing

  • Special gasket protecting the contents
  • Additional storage space for cutlery (metal spoon and fork included)

Quality assurance
Many years of experience in the industry allows us to create high quality products, so we offer you a free extended warranty up to 30 months on all NOVEEN appliances.

Technical details
Power 60 W
Voltage 12 / 24 / 220-240 Volt
Dimensions 24 x 18,5 x 11 cm
Weight 0,9/1,3 kg N.W/G.W
EAN code 5902221622687

User manual
Declaration of Conformity
Product leaflet
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