NOVEEN service center

We will advise you on how to use our products most effectively. We value your time, so in the event of a failure, we will accept the application and submit the product for repair under the current warranty.


tel. 14 68 49 418


COMTEL GROUP sp. z o.o. sp.k.
Wola Dębińska 572
32-852 Dębno

NOVEEN products hotline

We are happy to answer all your questions regarding our offer. Qualified employees will provide information about products and their technical specifications and available accessories.


tel. 14 68 63 790 ext. 9 or +48 795 910 285

Terms of warranty
Aware of the quality of the NOVEEN brand products, we offer a free extended warranty of up to 30 months.

Importer / Guarantor:

COMTEL GROUP sp. z o.o. sp.k.
Pl. Kupiecki 2
32-800 Brzesko

1. This warranty is granted by the COMTEL GROUP sp. o.o. sp.k. company with the registered office Plac Kupiecki 2, 32-800 Brzesko, Tel: 14 68 49 418, referred to herein as the Guarantor / Authorized Service.

2. This warranty applies only to products under the NOVEEN brand purchased in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

3. To make use of the guarantee, you must hand the complete device together with the warranty card and an invoice or receipt at the place of purchase or to the importer – guarantor.

4. The warranty period is 30 months from the date of purchase of the equipment.

5. In the case of defects that prevent the use of the equipment, the warranty period is extended by the time from the date of reporting the defect to the day of repair.

6. The warranty entitles to free repairs of purchased equipment, consisting in the removal of physical defects that have appeared during the warranty period,subject to point 10.

7. Reporting equipment defects should include:

  • proof of purchase of the goods (original or copy),
  • the name, model of the goods, the serial number of the device,
  • the date of sale (without crossings and corrections),
  • exact description of the damage, defects,
  • seller signature and stamp.

8. The Guarantor will respond to the complaint within 14 business days from the date of reporting the defect. If it is necessary to bring spare parts from abroad to repair, the repair period may be extended until the necessary elements have been brought, but up to 30 business days from the date of receipt of the goods for repair.

9. The complainant should provide goods properly protected against damage during transport.

10. The warranty does not cover:

  • mechanical, chemical, thermal and corrosion damages,
  • damage caused by external factors, independent of the manufacturer, in particular resulting from use not in accordance with the User’s Manual,
  • malfunctions caused by improper assembly of the equipment,
  • arbitrary, made by the user or other unauthorized persons, repairs, alterations or constructional changes,
  • using devices for commercial purposes,
  • signal loss during driving due to distance from the transmitter or poorly made antenna installation,
  • damage to the equipment that has not been delivered to service in an original and safe packaging,
  • damage to the warranty seal will void the warranty,
  • cables, batteries, accumulators, headphones, wires, plugs, damage to paint coatings and overprints, wearing during exploitation stickers, etc.

11. It is unacceptable to use the heater in rooms with high dustiness – this causes a great fire hazard and destruction of the device. Damage caused by the accumulation of dust and dust on the device is not covered by the warranty.

12. This warranty does not limit, suspend or exclude the rights of the buyer towards the seller resulting from the incompatibility of the consumer good with the contract.

13. The customer has the right to replace the equipment with another one, having the same similar technical parameters in the case of:

  • if during the warranty period the Authorized Service carries out 3 repairs of the same defect, and the equipment will still show defects that prevent its use,
  • if the Authorized Service accepts that removing the defect is not possible.

14. If repair or replacement of the device with a new one is impossible, the complaint party is entitled to a refund of the amount paid.

15. Each delivered equipment is checked by COMTEL GROUP service in terms of correctness of operation. If it turns out that the equipment is in working order, the Authorized Service may charge the advertiser with costs related to checking the … ?

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